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Ever thought about being a Priest? Have you wanted to test your calling in a fascinating and complex North London Parish? Perhaps you have thought about being a Pastoral Assistant but work or university means you cannot commit to a full time placement? If this is you, we want to hear from you!

Most Pastoral Assistant schemes are designed for younger adults who are free of obligations and can commit to a full year in a parish. For many it means that the being a Pastoral Assistant simply isn't an option. Here at St Philip's we want to do things a little differently. Work commitments, family life, and mortgage payments mean that we cannot just leave these obligations behind, and nor should we.


Perhaps you are a university student, living in London for only a few years, before heading home. Why not combine studies with the opportunity to minister and serve in a metropolitan parish?

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Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, we can tailor a Pastoral Assistant placement to fit in around your needs whilst giving you the chance to work alongside clergy in a fascinating, vibrant and challenging parish in North London, allowing you to explore ordained ministry and to test God's calling on your life. 

Serving as a Pastoral Assistant at St Philips is not like other internships on other schemes. Here we can offer you a unique experience of ministering in the only Traditionalist Catholic Church Plant in the Church of England. Here you will learn the most recent planting techniques and strategies that are being implemented in the Church of England.

What else can we offer?

Working around your availability we can provide opportunities of leading worship, preaching and teaching on a Sunday and on our discipleship and catechism courses, visiting the sick and housebound parishioners, Children's work, and ministering to the bereaved. In addition you will receive supervision and coaching from an experienced priest to help you discern your next steps in ministry. 

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Anything else?

Whilst this is a voluntary post, you will be a full members of the parish leadership team. All expenses will be paid in full. 

What next?


If you would like to have an informal chat about being a Pastoral Assistant or to express an interest in this ministry, please contact Fr Lee using the form below.

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