Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, public worship has been suspended. Fr Lee continues to pray daily for the Parish and to celebrate Mass, albeit privately, for each and every person of the Parish and offers particular prayer intentions when asked. Our Facebook page has the most up to date information and links to live streamed Masses, talks and other devotional material, but you can also subscribe to emails at the bottom of this page to stay connected.

We need connection and Christian community more than ever right now. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Fr Lee especially if you are lonely, grieving, or are in any particular need.

Worship at St Philip's is open to all. We draw upon the ancient tractions and practices of the Church; offering Prayer and private devotions daily, with the celebration of the Eucharist, the Mass, at the centre of our worshipping life together. We draw upon the rich and beautiful tradition of the Churches use of plainsong in our worship in many of our acts of worship, and at our main Sunday Mass we also incorporate a range of hymns and songs from across the years. 

Whether you join us for during the week Morning or Evening Prayer or at the daily Mass, or on a Sunday, you are welcome here.  


9:15 am Morning Prayer

A short 15 minute service based on scripture readings and saying of psalms. Morning prayer is recited by the Parish Priest, but anyone is welcome to join in, or simply sit and listen.  

10:00 am Sung Mass

The celebration of the Eucharist is at the centre of our worshipping life together. Here we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, the sacrament of Holy Communion. The Sung Mass is always offered with reverence using chant, hymns and songs, but we are also relaxed and we love having families worship with us and the young ones are welcome to explore the church whilst we worship or to have a go at some of the arts and crafts activities.  

4:00 pm Evening Prayer

Lasting about 30 minutes, Evening Prayer draws its roots from the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer. Most of this service is chanted using very simple modes which can easily be picked up. As with Morning Prayer, the Parish Priest recites Evening Prayer and anyone is welcome to join in, or simply sit and listen.



6:00 pm   Evening Prayer with Exposition

7:00 pm   Mass


9:15 pm   Morning Prayer

12:00 pm Hymns and Coffee

1:00 pm   Mass

6:00 pm   Evening Prayer


9:15 am   Morning Prayer

11:00 am Rosary 

12:00 pm Mass

6:00 pm   Evening Prayer


9:15 am   Morning Prayer

10:00 am Mass

4:00 pm   Evening Prayer with Exposition